Making A Great Logo

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Ask the Designer

If you need a logo for your company, a graphic designer is the right person. However, while you expect them to create a great logo design for you there are certain things you are expected to do as well.
Firstly you need to share as much relevant information about the brand, its history, target audience, competitors as well as what are the expectations you have from the logo design and the kind of effect you are expecting from it.
You must also ask all the right questions so that you are not surprised or disappointed with the result of the work.

  • Get an idea of the different types of logos that are present


  • The kind of logos that would suit your brand the most


  • What are the important features of the company that the logo can convey?


  • The color combination that will suit the company best


  • The final budget of the work


  • Where all can the logo be displayed? Etc.

You as well as your graphic designer must bear in mind some points that go a long way in creating that impactful brand logo